Our Service Offering

We understand that not all business owners are looking for or require an equity partner. However, we can provide them access to our deep executive experience and knowledge of the opportunities and challenges that SMEs face through our corporate advisory service. A corporate advisory relationship allows businesses the opportunity to get to know the Corner Capital team, potentially leading to our involvement as an equity partner down the track.

Our service offering can be broadly broken down into five key areas:

  • Business acquisitions
  • Sale of a business
  • Board advisory
  • Capital structuring
  • Valuations


Every transaction, no matter its size, is key to the growth or succession of a business. A successful transaction is one based on making the right decision where all pertinent facts have been considered. The end goal is always kept in sight, be it growth, higher profitability, improved market share or the development of a competitive edge. While our extensive transactional experience will minimise the associated risks inherent in any transaction.

Business Acquisitions

By partnering with Corner Capital throughout the acquisition process our clients are confident they will:

  • Identify the right acquisition target that enhances shareholder value;
  • Acquire the target at the right price having considered value, market dynamics, funding, and potential synergies;
  • Have considered all financial and commercial risks through a detailed due diligence process.

Sale of Business

In preparation for the sale of your business, we guide clients through initial preparation, critical in maximising potential returns. This can include:

  • Ensuring key customer and supplier contracts are in place and financial information is reliable and accurate;
  • Understanding who the likely buyers are and their ability to complete a deal;
  • Development of a sale structure that maximises shareholder return.

In executing the sale process, we will provide clients with the full range of merger and acquisition advice. This will include:

  • Preparation a detailed business pitch deck to present to potential buyers;
  • Conduct an extensive yet discrete search for all potential buyers including tapping into the deep commercial relationships of Corner Capital’s Partners and associated accounting groups;
  • Apply our extensive transactional experience to negotiate the best possible outcome on your behalf.

Board Advisory

We provide independent thought and experience to guide board decisions around strategy, growth, and the execution of transactions. We can assist the transition from a successful founder led small business into a corporate entity with an effective board structure.

Capital Structuring

Ensuring the efficiency of the capital structure is critical to maximising returns generated for shareholders. We can assist with structuring debt fundings, raising and structuring equity, and implementing effective shareholder agreements.


At the core of every transaction is the value it brings to an organisation. In determining this value, decision-makers rely on information that is independent, fully researched, and justifiable. Our deep relations with accounting firms BG Private and Modoras provide unrivalled valuation data and expertise.