Investment strategy & approach

Corner Capital will seek to partner with management and other shareholders of lower-middle market businesses headquartered in Australia or New Zealand across a range of industry sectors, with a primary objective of bringing strategic and operational improvements for growth. Corner Capital will tend to follow a management-centric style, backing high quality teams, aiming to be value-added partner.

Our approach is to be collaborative, collective and arrive at decisions via consensus. Our focus is creating value by building strong and sustainable business with a focus of growth. We work closely with management, the founders and to deliver a clear business plan at the outset and discuss long term strategic plans. We have significant experience in building brands, preparing a business for exit and bring a successful track record in this regard.

The attributes that are key to potential buyers of the market will be developed over the investment period to maximise value and drive returns. We dedicate a number of investment executives on all our portfolio companies and put in place a lean and responsible board. Corner Capital believes that in the majority of cases, exits will take place either through a sale to a strategic industry buyer or to a financial buyer.

The Fund will provide the opportunity for capital growth and liquidity to privately owned businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

Specific opportunities to invest include:

  • capital for future growth or acquisition;
  • takeout of an existing shareholder; and
  • family business succession.

Corner Capital will look to make investments, principally in lower-mid market businesses that generally meet the following criteria:

  • a motivated senior management team with a proven track record
  • a history of sustained revenue and profit growth; and
  • leadership in a market niche.